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 Post subject: Nick - aka Nicklas - aka {uZa}LoneStranger's son
 Post Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 2:46 pm 
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5/9/2015: This has been brewing for a while now. Many warnings and kicks and temp bans have proceeded this PERM BAN.

When I first joined the COD2 channel, everyone asked to be moved to the password protected SatNightCTF channel to get away from Nick, so I moved everyone and left Nick to cool down.

Then I brought Nick back in after some time telling him as long as he kept quiet he could stay. This lasted for a little while till Studdog joined, and then Nick got going again and wouldn't listen, so I kicked him from the TS3 server.

Nick came back on after 15 minutes and Studdog took him into a separate channel and told him he must mute his mic and only talk when responding to someone and stop carrying on.

Nick was able to do this for about 30 minutes before he started carrying on again and talking back to us and not listening. He has not listened in the past and not listening now, he is showing members disrespect, and he is driving away uZa Members from playing because of his non stop talking on TS3 and in game text talk.

Studdog banned Nick from TS3, and I banned Nick from the {uZa}ExtremeTX server.

1250:35 say;603560;5;Nicklas;plz unmute me...
1250:51 say;603560;5;Nicklas;why?
1251:11 say;603560;5;Nicklas;How long am i banned!
1251:16 say;{uZa}Studdog+I+;perm
1251:27 say;603560;5;Nicklas;plz remove it plZZZZ! IM SORRY!
1251:53 say;603560;5;Nicklas;PLZ I DONT WANT IT PERM!
1252:12 say;{uZa}Studdog+I+;I warned you
1252:26 say;603560;5;Nicklas;im sorry studddog plz! one more chance :'(
1252:42 say;{uZa}Studdog+I+;You had more than one chance
1252:45 say;{uZa}Jobbones;no
1252:46 say;603560;5;Nicklas;...
1252:50 say;603560;5;Nicklas;Fine
1252:58 say;603560;5;Nicklas;frick this sever

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 Post subject: Re: Nick - aka Nicklas - aka {uZa}LoneStranger's son
 Post Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 12:10 pm 
Mucho Posto!
Mucho Posto!
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I messaged {uZa}LoneStranger via email and PM to see if he can help us to lift this permanent ban. If he is able to help with the issues we are having with Nick, then we will remove the permanent ban. If not, then it should stay. We have tried for a very long time to deal with this issue; talks, kicks, temp bans, etc... But we have not made any improvements to the situation. He is just a kid and like mine and everyone else's, sometimes we have to show tough love. I don't think for Nick to be ignored or to be allowed to continue with bad behavior is truly a "positive" experience for him or anyone else. What will be positive is when he gets the message and changes and is able to come back. I really hope that happens, but at this point it will take some input from {uZa}LoneStranger. Nick hasn't done anything that would make us never want him back, just that he needs to follow direction from members better than he has. I hope that happens, I never take banning lightly unless it is something truly horrible then I am okay. It is even harder to do to a child of a member that we all like so much. So if you read this Nick, please know that we do love you and we don't like that we have had to take this corrective action as well as the others that led us to this point. :(

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